June 13, 2019

With Mother’s Day just passing us, Father’s Day is right around the corner. With the short timing between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, your mind must be tired from all the thinking you are doing to figure out what to buy for your father. Here we have handpicked some of the most unique gifts that all fathers are talking about this year and other gifts they will love;

1. The memory creator.


While growing up, your dad has worked majority of his life doing what needs to be done to make sure you are happy. Why not do him a favor and remind him of why you love him for what he did for you by having a wall art of a great family moment for his office or home as a reminder.

2. All of the life tools in one.


The basic necessities for a father of the household. Without it, your father is not complete. Get your father a gift that is a life tool that shows who he is physically and metaphorically.  

3. Being overprotective.


There is nothing like the love for a gun. Whether they own one or not, guns are one of the many loves a father has. Get him a wall art of the many guns.

4. A safe keeping of the finer things.


Does your father love to wear watches? I’m sure he does and if he does then where does he put them when not in use? He will need a safe place and nice place to put it. Get your father a leather watch box where he can put all his valuable, you can even get a custom writing on it to make it feel more personal.


5. Vroom, vroom. 


Your father only lives a quarter mile at a time. Why not get him a canvas of all the cars of his dreams.


6. Drink for the love of your loved ones.


Your father loves his coffee. Your father loves you also. Why not put the two together? A mug with a picture of his love.


7. Love is never forgotten.


Express your love to your father, either as a family, daughter, or son. Your father can only believe in how much he is loved depending on how much love you show him. Let him know he is your hero!


We hope this guide for a Father’s Day gift helped you decide what to buy for your father! If your still undecided and still looking, go check out Canvas Freaks, you might just find what you’re looking for with their vast collection of art!


Happy Father’s Day!