August 09, 2019

Just finished high school or you decided you need to go to back to school and you’re nervous?

Here are some tips on what to expect and what you should do to make the next few years go by with a breeze;


1. Attending class

You're finally attending college for the first time and you have class to attend to. One of the best tips someone can tell you at first, is to make sure to go to class. You will want to sleep in, chill with friends, or just don’t feel like going. Doing poorly in class will only make your college life longer and harder.


2. Know your limits

Don’t think college is the same as high school or don’t assume you can handle more than the college ask. You don’t want to have a nervous breakdown due to over-scheduling yourself with school work.


3. Do your research on required textbooks

Each class you take requires some sort of textbook and these colleges that sell it, are selling it for $100’s and a student can afford so much. Look around online such as Amazon, Ebay, or Chegg for rentals, online books, or even used books for a third of the price.


4. Be involved 

No matter which college you attend, make sure to expand your interest and meet new people. It will help you learn some new skills as well make connections for the present and future.


5. Friends ahead of you are the key to success

Friends ahead of you are very important because people who become your friends and they are in the same program as you can help you out by giving you old tests, notes, and even projects. Just make sure to not get caught.

Joining fraternities or sororities can help you meet more people outside of the classroom.


6. Keep contact with your old friends

Don’t forget the friends you made growing up. They have been there for you while growing up and most likely know you the best. You don’t want to feel left out when they have get togethers and don’t invite you because you lost touch with them.


7. Stay in contact with your family

With the overwhelming feeling of all the work you’re doing and all the new people you meet, make sure to stay in contact with your family. They are the ones who will always be there for you and push you to do your best. Make sure to visit them and speak to them often so they know you care for them as much as they care for you.


8. Be careful while being silly

These few years are when you can act silly. Make sure to take advantage because as you get older, there are less you can do to be silly. Plus, it’ll help you become closer to your new friends.

Just make sure to be careful and don’t endanger your life, health, or self-image.


9. Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes happen to everyone. Just make sure all the mistakes you witness, and experience is a learning matter. You don’t want to make the same mistakes when you get older because it will only be harder to recover from them.


10. Learn to balance and prioritize

Learn how to manage your time wisely as soon as possible. Between homework, studying, social events, trips, and so much more; you only have a certain amount of time to maximize your college years. Do it right and wisely and you can have the maximum college experience.


11. Learn about yourself

This is a perfect time to get to know about yourself. New knowledge, new friends, and new experience can help you figure out what you want in life and how you’re going to get there.


We hope these tips help for your first year!

Do you have some tips that can help others, leave a comment below.

Good luck and may these few years be a breeze!


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