This Viral Anime Valentines Gift Will Get A Hilarious Reaction Out Of Your Man

Here’s 5 Reasons You NEED To Surprise Your Partner With This Gift This Holiday Season

If you’re looking for a valentines day gift for your man that will really make you stand out and make this day special, you need to check out this customized gift. If your partner is a huge anime nerd like mine, you’ll love his reaction when he sees himself drawn into his favorite anime. Animefy Me went viral online after many women posted their husbands/boyfriends reacting to their personalized gift. Here’s 5 reasons you should get one drawn for your partner for the holidays.

1. A Personalized Anime Experience

Men love a gift they feel was thought out and personalized towards their interests. A simple portrait of you and him may make him happy, but knowing you care enough about his favorite anime to get him drawn into will forever capture his heart. Animefy Me has over 20+ anime styles to choose from, but if you don’t see his favorite show, you can request your own! Not only does it allow him to be more connected to his favorite show, but it also make him feel more connected to you

2. All His Loved Ones Can Be Part Of The Experience

You can choose the number of people to get drawn into the portrait. This means you can get drawn as an anime power couple, or you can even include the whole family including kids! And yes, Animefy Me considers any pets to be family, so get your dog, cat, or any animal drawn as well.

3. Full Creative Freedom

Fully dictate the pose, background, outfit, and powers of your drawn portrait. Animefy Me also allows revisions if you want to change the creative direction of your portrait.

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4. Digital and Physical Prints

You can receive a digital print for your phone lockscreen, wallpapers, or to post online. But along with the digital print, nothing beats getting the physical canvas to gift as a physical present and enjoy your new art placed somewhere in your home.


5. The reaction will be worth it

The pure shock and joy reaction that comes with opening their Animefy me Portrait makes it so fun to capture on camera and share with friends, family, and even online!